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SAEs and stuff

> From: Neil Frank <nfrank at mindspring_com>
> Hi Liisa. 

Hello, Neil!  Have you seen any new Garrinae fishes for sale there?  I
haven't been able to add any new species for my "collection" for two years
- which is perhaps a good thing, because SAE seems to be the only
non-aggressive fish in that subfamily. Even flying fox and red-tailed
shark look mild-mannered when compared to my late "green Garra".

> From: Dave Gomberg <gomberg at wcf_com>
> OK, Liisa, but is it love or war?   Or are they the same thing.....

Dave, is there a big difference between these two? :-)  I have never been
able to see the real SAE love dance, but those who had (or at least think
they have) say that it is more intense than the normal "dance" and the
sides of the SAEs might show an irridescent bluish glow.  The normal dance
isn't exactly war either, but mostly posing and showing who's who.

I got rid of my butterfly goodeids at last (just few babies left) and what
a change in the plant growth!  They bred like rabbits and sure loved
all soft plants!  My Pistia was so happy that a big one even bloomed soon
after those plant-eaters were gone.  A Crypt affinis (I think) tried to
bloom too, but the flower stalk started dying little before it reached the
top of the water.