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Re: Bleach wielding aquarists

I will partially side with Paul on this one.  I do disagree about algae
being the same as a disease.

In my largest tank (90 gallon) I keep a number a algae eating fish to
combat problems that have developed over time.  There are about 10 ottos,
4 or 5 bushy nose plecos, 7 flagfish, and 6 SAE.  Also a healthy dose of
malaysian snails as well.

With this many algae eaters I have no fear of algae.  I am lazy by nature
and also sometimes have a hetic schedule (grad school, 2 jobs, many fish)
so I want a tank that I can neglect some.  So I stock lightly with fish,
pack it full of plants and don't worry.  This has worked very well so far
for me.  I have a small amount of bba, but nothing else and the bba is
slowly going away.  I am certain I overfeed the tank and when feeding
frozen foods I just dump the nutrient rich water into the tank.  If this
causes algae with all the algae eating fish present I figure this is
indirectly feeding these guys as well.  Everyone seems to get along fine
with the cardinals, angel, rasbora hetromorha (sp?), corys and loaches in
the tank and the flagfish are doing fine.  THey do eat some hyrgophilla
polysperma, but with its growth rate this is probably a good thing.  THey
don't touch the combomba which is a weed in my tank.

Just needed to throw some more stuff into the fray.  I have to agree that
sometimes these debates may become a bit heated, but I certainaly learn
more from them than from many other posts.
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