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>> I wrote:
>> I also hope to speculate:
>> [snip]
>> 3) that the roots of aquatic plants play a more
>> important role in uptake of Ca, Mg, and K ions
>> than has been mentioned.

> Neil Frank wrote:
> I believe plants need these minerals in the water
> column... but are probably not getting all of it from
> the water. e.g. tetra crypto tabs are largely Potassium.

That Ca, Mg, and K ions are taken in in the water column seems
to be the prevailing wisdom on the APD.  It has also been stated
that at least one of these ions can't be taken in in the roots of many
species.  So I have pondered:
1) What is so different about the roots of land and aquatic plants
    aquatic plants that aquatic plant roots are no longer used to
    take up nutrient salts?
2) If in fact aquatic plants evolved foliar based nutrient uptake,
    what physiological structures, organelles, etc. exist in the stems
    and leaves to fascilitate this? I have read that K exists in higher
    concentration around stomata than leaves generally but otherwise
    haven't heard other supportive evidence.

I note that Seachem Flourish (substrate) Tabs have large amounts
of Ca (and Na), suggesting at least those serve some purpose in the

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net