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Re: George's comment about Dupla Drops

Olga wrote:

>Really Folks -- George was making a joke! No need for everyone to give
>evidence that Dupla doesn't put SAE turn-off in their drops!! Surely even
>someone new at plant keeping could see that... couldn't they?? Let's not
>kill off all the wit around here. Then the newbies really will leave
>because we're so dull. <g>

Mark my words... six months from now, there will be a post to the list,
which reads, "Something's eating my fine-leaved plants, and I suspect it's
the new SAE's.  I went back to the archives of this list, and saw that
George Booth suggested that Dupla drops might work as a preventative.  Has
anyone tried this, and does it work?"

Been there, done that...  I know I've been guilty of taking such comments in
the archives as gospel truth!
You guys could say, "Triton bulbs cause fish TB," and the next month
Aquarium Products would see a decrease in their sales volume...


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