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Re: George's comment about Dupla drops

Olga wrote:
>>Really Folks -- George was making a joke! No need for everyone to give
evidence that Dupla doesn't put SAE turn-off in their drops!! Surely even
someone new at plant keeping could see that... couldn't they?? Let's not
kill off all the wit around here. Then the newbies really will leave
because we're so dull. <g>

Even someone new at plant keeping?  What does that have to do with the
impossible task of detecting sarcasm in written form?  I'm going to send
George a box full of "<g>"s to scatter around, or better yet, the infamous
:-)'s.   As far as newbies go, how much do you want to bet there were at
least a dozen people walking into their LFS yesterday telling them they
wanted Dupla drops to keep their fish from eating their plants :-) (or, if
you prefer, <g>, or even LMAO)