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DAI tabs and Green Water

Ray Pollett wrote:

>>>OK, I fess up. I use soil in my tanks. (a small amount, perhaps equivalent
>>>to the amount recommended for laterite). Occassionally, I get green water
>>>in one of these tanks.
>No, Karen; say it not so! ;+}

That was Neil, not me.  I use soil only in pots in most tanks, and only for
the few plants that need it.  The one tank I have with a loose soil
substrate has been the bane of my existence, and will be taken down as soon
as (if I ever) get my new 6' tank set up to replace it. 

>>Yup. You know I'm one.  The only two times I've ever had green water was
>>right after the use of DAI tablets, which we know contain phosphate.  I
>>think we can pretty well lay the blame at their door.
>I've used them for the last 5 years without green water. I find that a
>little two covenient to totally lay the blame for green water at their feet.
>They may have been the straw that pushed the tank out of balance, but that
>is only possible if there is P present from other sources.

I'm not going to say that it is not possible to use phosphate bearing
fertilizers _without_ causing a problem, but I'm _sure_ in my case that the
DAI tablets _were_ the problem.  It is entirely possible that I used too
many.  I was able to repeat the event twice, and the second time I measured
the PO4 levels in the tank.  It has never happened under any other
circumstances.  That's proof enough for me.  I'm also not the only one who
has had problems with DAI's phosphate levels.