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Floating gravel

Hi folks!

Do you know floating gravel?
I think ADA use this gravel in Powersand.
In Korea, we use this gravel for growing oriental orchid(terrestrial), and maybe also in Japan.
It's really light and porous so that floating.
I have a bag of this gravel(3-5mm small size) and ADA's Aquasoil.
ADA recommends Powersand under Aquasoil.

Powersand ---  floating gravel + fertilizer(someone said peatmoss and pumice)
Aquasoil    ---  baked granule of soil(red)

I will try to immitate ADA's Powersand with this gravel and peatmoss in my next substrate preparing.(I just use Initial sticks and plain gravel now)
If I use this porous gravel, what advantages could be expected?
Any info would be appreciated.