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Bloodworms and pollution

The other day I made a conjecture that perhaps the red colour of bloodworms
is due to hemaglobin.  While reading the live foods mailing list archives I
read that in fact this is true.

I also read that these midge larvae are grown on CHICKEN MANURE in Hong
Kong.  No wonder some of them smell like sh*t.  All the more reason, besides
adding a whole bunch of "red water" and pollutants to the tank while feeding
the fish, to thaw and rinse.  (Try also to keep phosphates low.)

Now do any of you organic chemists out there know whether the faeces of fish
fed on bloodworms would contain enough organic iron compounds such that the
mulm produced would actually be beneficial to plant growth, augment any
substrate fertilizer and yet not cause algae rampages?  (Like the one I am

Dr. Momfish