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Mylasian Trumpet Snail behavior

Hello ADPers!

I noticed the other day that approx.. 50-100 MTS had congregated in the
front-right corner of the tank at the base of an Amazon Sword plant, piling
on top of each other. I thought maybe a fish died there but could not find
one or maybe a chunk of beefheart was missed by the discus but I doubt it
because I feed very sparingly and I make sure the discus get the majority of
the food then the fat SAEs and corys clean up.  Could this be the MTS'
annual orgy.  Any ideas what might cause this?  Has anyone seen this in
their tanks?   IMHO this is very odd to me?  Tank conditions are excellent
plants and fish grow/enjoy and are enjoyed as well.

BTW, I can send some MTS to a couple of folks if you need em.  I must have
100+ that I can spare.  In fact I think the snails occasionally cause Ca/Mg
deficiencies if I don't add Baker's Dolomite (Ca/Mg CO3) every couple of
water changes!

FYI - Tank Params: 29g very heavily planted with two 4" discus, 3
whale-sized SAEs (they eat discus food now), ottos, a few tetras and two
corys.  80W NF, Co2 injection, 1-3mm gravel with Profile Pond (fired clay)
and DIY clay/NPK fertilizer balls in the substrate.  kH2, gH4-5, pH 6.4-5,
84F, 12hr light period, 1/2 dose of Kents liquid fertilizer at water changes
(30-50% twice/wk), Dupla24 every day or couple of days or when things look
like they need it.  This tanks been up for 3 years, very little or no
visible sign of algae except the front glass needs a scrub every month or
so.  Outside canister filter with filter pads only.  Plants trimmed and
replanted once or twice a month.

Tom Brennan
brennans at ix_netcom.com