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Re: Broken Sword

Karen Randall wrote, in response to my question:
>>I planted both sections again... I figure it's unlikely, but I can
>>pretend that there's enough of the 'meat' to regrow roots... Is there
>>any chance of it, however slight?
>As long as there is at least a part of the vegetative cone (growing tip) on
>each section you replanted, it should recover.  How long it takes will
>depend on how much of the cone needs to regenerate.

 Great.  Thanks!

Should I expect the leaves on the broken section to decay?  (Obviously, a
few will.  I suppose it depends on how badly the growing tip is mangled.)
If so, should I be aggressive in removing them, or hesitant?  Will I risk
damaging the plant further by removing such leaves while it's trying to

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