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Re: taking a breath

On Thu, 7 Jan 1999, Neil Frank wrote:

> Ok folks, please take a breath. I haven't been participating in the APD for
> a while. Is this what it is always like?

The volume has been incredible lately!  Unfortunately the discussion has
been dominated by heating cables, bleach treatment and other old and
polarizing topics.  Some things we should just agree to disagree about.
In the mean time, I fear many good questions and several excellent topics
for discussion have just fallen through the cracks.

My favorites were both in #757, but I'm sure there's others.

Ole Larsen quoted Ole Pedersen regarding the interplay of growth
limitation by light and CO2.  Mr. Pedersen questioned outright the value
of Liebig's rule of minimum's.  We use Liebig's rule to justify algae
control methods, build fertilizer regimes and found entire aquarium care
philosophies, yet his statement fell without discussion.  Noone has
anything to say?

Second, after Neil identified our common cyanophyte pests Mark Fisher
offered the information that those specific cyanophytes don't fix
nitrogen.  It seems like the ability of some cyanophytes to fix nitrogen
comes up every time they're discussed and that idea has been repeated over
and over - on rec.aquaria long ago and on APD ever since it was founded.
How can such a challenge be dropped without discussion?

Roger Miller