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Re: Dupla Drops vs. SAE Plant munching

George Booth wrote:
I suspect that Dupla adds some
special ingredient to Dupla drops that fine leaved plants absorb throught
their leaves and make them taste awful. I can't prove this, of course, but
various postings lead me to this inevitable conclusion. To wit:

1) Steve doesn't use Dupla drops and his SAEs eat his fine leaved plants.

2) George uses Dupla drops and his SAEs DON'T eat his fine leaved plants.

Ummm, not exactly scientific method, is it? :-)  Two data points to
formulate a hypothesis drops this into the category of "My pet has fleas. My
pet is a dog. Therefore, all dogs have fleas"

Just to throw a monkey wrench in, I have 5 3" SAE's living happily amongst
Cabomba, Rotala macandra, Cardamine lyrata, duckweed, and a number of other
normally "tasty" plants and I've never observed any plant munching and, no,
I don't use Dupla drops :-)