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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #758 (was RE Snails, algae... yay Ed!)

>> But I have a hypothesis for this which I will begin repeating
>> whenever a discussion of SAEs pops up. I suspect that Dupla adds some

>> special ingredient to Dupla drops that fine leaved plants absorb
>> their leaves and make them taste awful. I can't prove this, of
course, but
>> various postings lead me to this inevitable conclusion. To wit:
>> 1) Steve doesn't use Dupla drops and his SAEs eat his fine leaved
>> 2) George uses Dupla drops and his SAEs DON'T eat his fine leaved
>> Q.E.D.
>> George Booth, Ft. Collins, Colorado (booth at frii_com)

now now george!  Don't be rappin' dupla for something I can prove they
are not doing.  I have some finely pinated plants in my tank (hornwort,
milfoil and java moss comes to mind) and I do ocassionally add dupla 24
drops.  I have been running some test to see if it is really needed (so
far I can't tell a difference but that's another discussion)  I have
noticed that using and not using them doesn't make a difference as for
sae's eating the leaf, they will nibble on the algae growing on there
but the leaf is ok when they are done. :)

It is my theory that either a) they are eating bad leaf's b) that
someone's sae's are spitfull and perhaps starved and/or c) that sae's
have esp but there wires are crossed :)