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Re: Steve, BBA, and bleach

> >> BTW, in case anyone is interested, I did get an infestation of BBA
> (my
> >> fault) and I do have SAEs which are controlling it nicely.
> >> Unfortunately, they are also controlling the growth of several of the
> >> fine leafed plants I've been trying to propagate. They may move
> >> temporarily to a single tank.
> >>
> >> Steve Pushak
> Ok lets look at this for a second.  You use bleach on your plants yes?
> You sterilize with bleach (other stuff) yes?  You stated bleach is a
> 100% effective method of *preventing* bba or filamous algae.
> I just have one simple question.
> If bleach is 100% effective then why do you have a bba problem??

Simple. I introduced a plant that had BBA growing on it and did not
bleach it. I did not do it on purpose and I'm not sure where the
contamination happened. There was a third tank involved which I had
cleaned using bleach but somewhere along the line BBA was introduced. I
didn't tear the tank apart because of the BBA because I know that its
easy to control esp with SAE but I continued to bleach treat new plants
in order to avoid introduction of other filament algae which SAE do not

So I should say that bleach is 100% effective if you make sure to bleach
all plants that cannot be guaranteed to be filament algae free.

As far as cross contamination from other tanks is concerned, this is a
problem. It is best if all of the tanks in a fish room can be setup
algae free and all the equipment sterilized. The guy who knows most
about this is Paul Krombholz. 

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