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fertilization questions and lighting.

Hi all,
I am about to set up my first proper planted tank. Its a 4 foot x18x18 inch
tank  -66 gallon.

I have duplarit g 500 gms for substrate which is going to be 50kg of size
2-4mm white quartz gravel. is this enough gravel i believe it is about 120

Fertilization I have two options.
1) A product called basic gro and a daily grow - one used daily one used
weekly any coments.////?

2) hydrogrow

3) seachem flourishliquid


It has 4, 4 foot lights. I am unsure of the correct configuration. for
tubes. are gro lux tubes receomended?

These are my choices and obviously i would rather spend less then more.
dollars in AU Australian.
Aqua Glo 0 $17.85
Bio Lux $17.85
POWER GLO (HAGEN??) 25.95 these tubes seem to be a good option. maybe 2 of
Flora Glo $28.50
Aquarelle 6500k $17.95
Aquastar 10 000k 19.75 - better for marine?
coralife trichlomatic super daylight 6500 full spectrum $30.00 !!!!!! seems
fancy but expensive.
grow lux ????k  $19.95
Triton $69.50

Could you please recomend a good combination of these for with reasons if
( I allready have 1 NEC 5000k bulb (seems very green) I regret buying it.)

I have been planning this tank for months! I really would appreciate
answers to any of these questions.

Thank you.
Daniel Green.
bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.net.au