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RE: Quick refresher on using bleach

>> I am sure that some people will never use bleach (it does sound so
>> draconian)<G>. Others may use bleach incorrectly and destroy their
>> "I poured chlorox directly into the tank and all the plants died...
It was
>> a good thing that I first took the fish out." <VBG>

Uhm, that's abuse, sorry.

>> Here is the formula, first described by Paul Krombholz:
>> One part bleach to 19 parts water in a container large enough to
>> submerge the plants: 2 minute immersion for fine leaved plants and 3
>> minutes for more robust plants. A plant like Ceratophyllum can take
>> Occasionally swish around the plants. The longer time will also kill
>> most stubborn algae. Use a timer, and immediately place the plants
into a
>> container with clear water for a brief rinse. That's it! The plants
are now
>> ready to go into an aquarium. I don't use dechlor.

I have some concerns with this formula.  Isn't it true that certain
forms of brush algae can survive up to 5 mins in a bleach solution??
This is more than enough to kill most plants but yet the algae can
survive.  Another concern is are you bleaching just because or are you
trying to kill a specific organism?

>> A plant may be temporarily set back and even loose some leaves. Given
>> growing conditions the now algae free plant will quickly recover.
>> plants may not even like the 2 minute treatment. I am sure that all
>> have NOT been tested. So, this procedure does have drawbacks and
carry some
>> risks.

I would assume so.  Seems to me that you would also have to account for
the stress the plant is under, the health of the plant and all those
other factors that can determine it's survival.