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Enough light for glosso?

I can't tell you what works well Soren, but I can tell you a combination 
that maintains glosso.

33 gallon
gh 16-20 in winter
kh 8-10 in winter (in summer 1/2 these values)
28 deg C
100 watts t-8 light 1/2 5000k 1/2 4100k, both spx phillips
tap pH about 8
normal tank pH about 7.2
glosso tank in question pH = 6.8 stable with 2 DIY bottles 

gone from heavy to light stocking, currently includes:

ghost shrimp breeding about 20
swordtails breeding 2 adults, 10 young
8 otocinclus
2 upside down cats
one hundred(yes) young apple snails grazing bba at a wild pace, just had 
a problem and these guys saved me ( about 2-3mm avg size now)

The glosso is maintaining itself and slowly moving out new shoots.  
Since my water is quite hard, I don't think my light level will mean 
much to you.  To be fair, lilaeopsis brasilensis also fails to grow 
much, its about the same as the glosso.  Giant Vals, normal vals both 
grow at a weedlike pace,  but so does windelov fern, well not weedlike, 
but it keeps its foliage very fresh and a nice chunk breaks off the 
bogwood every month or so.  A hygro species also growing well.

Thats my one cent, only one cause of the hard water.

Here's a question, all other things held constant, ie same fert, same 
light, same substrate, different hardness levels, where will the 
'Average' plants grow quickest?  I think I'm right that the soft water 
is better IN GENERAL but I've never heard anyone say this outright.  
Please humor me with your 'Average' Plant definition.  If necessary make 
your average plant one that grows well in all environments, soft or 

Colin Anderson

From: "Soren 'Disky' Petersen" <disky at disky-design_dk>
Subject: Enough Light, and what type of light

Hi everyone.

I am going to setup my my newly bought 128 liter /34 gal tank.

In which I wanna grow Echinodorus Tennelus, and Glossostigma Elantoides
But I was wondering, how much light do I need??? The tank is 80*40*40 
I though about adding 75 watt of light, but I am not sure if I rather 
use 100 watt ???
I am going to use very soft water, around 2-4 KH (from my RO unit), and 
filtering a fluval 403 external.

Another thing I was wondering about is, what type of fluorescent bulbs
should I use???
I have until now been using TRITON with good luck. But I wondered if 
is anything as good or better, and cheaper??? The triton is pretty 
here in Denmark.

So if anyone could tell me about their experience with different types 
fluorescent light bulbs I would appreciate it :-)

With many Thanks

Soren ' Disky ' Petersen  ICQ #1413069

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