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Quick refresher on using bleach

To use or not to use bleach is not the quesion! It is how much to use and
for how long?

I am sure that some people will never use bleach (it does sound so
draconian)<G>. Others may use bleach incorrectly and destroy their plants!
"I poured chlorox directly into the tank and all the plants died... It was
a good thing that I first took the fish out." <VBG>

Here is the formula, first described by Paul Krombholz:
One part bleach to 19 parts water in a container large enough to completely
submerge the plants: 2 minute immersion for fine leaved plants and 3
minutes for more robust plants. A plant like Ceratophyllum can take 4.
Occasionally swish around the plants. The longer time will also kill the
most stubborn algae. Use a timer, and immediately place the plants into a
container with clear water for a brief rinse. That's it! The plants are now
ready to go into an aquarium. I don't use dechlor. 

We are not talking about full strength bleach and do not pour the mixture
into the aquarium. 

A plant may be temporarily set back and even loose some leaves. Given good
growing conditions the now algae free plant will quickly recover. Some
plants may not even like the 2 minute treatment. I am sure that all species
have NOT been tested. So, this procedure does have drawbacks and carry some