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Re: pmdd?

> Date: Fri, 25 Dec 1998 22:12:04 -0600
> From: "Thomas Vickers" <redroach at sprynet_com>
> I have just purchased  Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Aquatic Plant Stimulant (for
> ponds).
> It has the following breakdown of trace elements
> Boron  (.00018%)
> Chelated Copper (.00045%)
> Chelated Iron  (.063%)
> Chelated Manganese (.00046%)
> Molybdenum (.0000072%)
> Chelated Zinc (.00046%)
> The instructions call for 5ml per week to be added to 100  Gallons of water.
> I am planning on mixing 2.5ml with 250 ml of water and dosing my 55 gallon
> aquarium over a period of a week.
> Does anyone have any advice here? Should I forget it? Is it diluted too
> much?
> I would like to have some sort of input, just incase this is a silly idea.

I wrote to one of the lab guys at the company a few years ago asking if
there was any reason that this product couldn't be used in aquaria, and
he told me that they had been doing this in their lab for some time with
good results.  It that time they weren't printing the analysis on the
package because of complexities in the law about fertilizer labelling.
Apparently, old legislation protecting farmers prevent calling anything
a fertilizer or plant food or nutrient unless it has n% N, P or K in 
some jurisdictions.  He sent me the analysis, but they must have gotten 
things sorted out since it's now on the package.

You'll have to figure out for yourself whether this stuff is an economical
source of trace nutrients, assuming you need any at all.  Sometimes you can
get pond products like this inexpensively at the end of the season at garden
centers, but they seem to be very pricey at the LFS year round.

Btw, percent is parts per hundred, so convert to ppm by moving the decimal
point 4 places to the right.