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Wayne wrote:
<<<Several people have inicated that 2x4's would make better support members
plywood or MDF board. I strongly disagree. I would not make any type of
furniture using spruce 2x4's as it has a strong tendency to warp and

Wayne, that is why I recommended a kiln dried 2x4 in my post. You just can't
use undried lumber in cabinet work. I am currently building racks to support
over 250 tanks in my new hatchery using dried wood. I used it in my current
fish room that has been up and running for several years with no shrinkage
or warpage. I also used the dried 2 x 4's in my tank stand for my 125 gallon
living room tank. It has been up for numerous years without warping.

One of the reasons I made the recommendation to build a frame inside the
cabinet is that it's much easier for a novice to make the stand strong
enough that way. I agree with you that a PROPERLY designed stand out of MDF
or some other 3/4" material CAN be just as strong. But the keyword is:
"properly designed". Not so easy for a novice.

Ofcourse I could be all wet, first of all I didn't start carpentry untill
1976, so you got a whole year on me there. And then I go ahead and quit to
start a fish business. Go figure. :)
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