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Native species

Jacques wote:

>The species of Marsilea found in my part of South Africa is Marsilea 
>macrocarpa. Apparently we have several species, of which none are in 
>cultivation. I'm also growing Riccia sp and Lagarosiphon sp, while a 
>friend has a Potamageton sp that's quite attractive. There's also a 
>nice species of Isoetes which I need to collect some time. 

That's neat.  Keep us posted on how things go with your natives.  There are
_so_ many plants with aquarium potential world-wide that are not yet in
commercial cultivation.  We should all experiment more with what we have
locally.  If others of you ar playing with plant native to your areas, let
us know what you're growing, how it's doing, and the things you
like/dislike about it from the standpoint of aquatic gardening!

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association