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Filamentous algae

Steve Dixon wrote:

>I have one tank that has had a mild green
>filamentous algae problem for about 2 years.  I am able to see this
>algae and pull out a small ball at water changes.   I suspect that
>extremely bright light (110 watts of CF lighting on a 40 gallon 16 inch
>deep tank) and keeping many plants very close to the surface of the
>water is the cause of the problem.  I continue to goof around with
>various ideas, but the problem isn't nearly bad enough to uproot
>everything and bleach my plants.  

If anyone wants to judge for themselves whether the filamentous algae that
Steve talks about is at the "problem" stage, you can see this tank on pg 62
of the Feb issue of AFM.  It's not a tank I'd kick out of _my_ house... or
subject to a bleach treatment.<g>  

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association