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Yeast in Tank

Greetings all,

On Monday at some point my cats, being the minions of Satan that they are,
knocked over my CO2 injector and about 1 liter of the yeast liquid
apparently was sucked into my moderately 75-gallon tank. When I got home,
the tank was cloudy, and I ended up changing nearly all of the water out.
The water is clear now and there aren't any weird fungus-y patches  in the
tank, but the water parameters seem to be out of whack. I have seen my fish
gulping at the top for air (which they never did before), and my farlowella
has fungus on his tail. I lost at least one fish to this problem (1 oto was
dead when I got home), but the rest of the fish are hanging in there if not
particularly happy right now: some have lost color and seem listless
(Kribs, both sets of which had fry at the time of the tragedy -- no longer!
:(  ). I have set the spray bar to agitate the surface if the water, since
it seems my plants are more affected than I thought they were, in order to
solve the oxygen problem. I believe that part of the oxygen problem is
caused by the fact that I pruned the plants in the tank very heavily a
couple of days before the yeast-liquid was spewed into the tank -- there
simply aren't as many plants as there used to be.

OK, here's what I am asking. Should I do more water changes, even though
the fish appear very stressed right now? To cure the fungus on the
Farlowella's tail, should I use clout or some other substance? Is there
still yeast in the water that is still affecting things? I am strongly
tempted to use some sort of fungicide in the tank in an effort to take care
of the farlowella's problem and to nuke any residual yeast in the tank.
Would doing this harm my plants?  Any suggestions? I guess it all boils
down to -- what else should I do?

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