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>I have built my own stand for my 55 gallon tank and it is far superior to
>store bought brands.
>I built the frame from 2x4's and used screws to connect everthing.

Several people have inicated that 2x4's would make better support members than
plywood or MDF board. I strongly disagree. I would not make any type of
furniture using spruce 2x4's as it has a strong tendency to warp and move. 3/4"
plywood or MDF is far more stable. As for being able to support the weight of a
tank, there is no problem except where doors are cut in and there a header
supported by legs should be provided. These can be made from plywood and glued
around perimeter of the openings.
I prefer MDF because the the edges are readily machinable and the surface is
very smooth. The ideal filler to use is a polyester resin like autobody filler.
The best paint job can be obtained at an autobody shop or at a cabinet shop.
Cabinet shops often make kitchen cabinet doors out of MDF and have special
painting facilities to apply an excellent waterproof finish.

Wayne Jones

Don't know too much about fish but carpenter since 1975