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shade control of algae

Hi folks, 

Since there has been so much discussion about algae lately, I thought I'd
throw in this recent experience.  One of my sword plants was rapidly
becoming covered by a short, brushy algae.  Not the dreaded BBA (believe
me, I am very familiar w/ that nuisance); I think this is more along the
line of "fur algae" in Baensch.  I tried all sorts of treatments-- lots of
water changes (1/3 volume per week), did not feed the fish, dark periods,
H2O2--the sword was doing OK, but not *great*.  I finally had a period
where I was too busy to do proper maintenance, and during that time one of
the faster growing weeds just took over the tank, shading the sword and
other undergrowth.  After this happened, the sword started to grow much
better!  There is a lot of new growth, none of which has algae (in fact you
can tell the old from the new by the fuzz on the leaves).  I know this is
telling me that light was the problem, but my reducing light levels and
subjecting the tank to darkouts just wasn't getting the job done.  The
undergrowth is obviously getting enough light, so I'm going to leave well
enough alone.



In Charleston, where it is sunny and 40 F--BRRR!
(ducking snowballs thrown from higher latitudes) ;-)