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Sv: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #724/light and co2

Hello all.

In Digest 724 I posted a message ( question) on the interaction of light and CO2 remembered from a lecture nov. 1997 at Aqua Planta Scandinavica by prof. Ole Pedersen, F. W. Lab., Univ. of Copenhagen.
Later I promised to come back when/if I got response to my e-mail from O.P.
Now I have it in photocopy.

It is from +ACI-Plant, Cell and Environment (1994) 17, 955-962+ACI-

+ACI-The interactive effects of light and inorganic carbon on aquatic plant growth+ACI- by
T.V.Madsen (Dept. of Plant Ecolo., Aarhus Univ.) and K. Sand-Jensen (FW Biol. lab. Univ. of Copenhagen).

It is 8 A-4+ALQ-s so I+ALQ-ll just give a little of the discussion. Those who consider this important will know how to get
a copy of the complete article.

+ACI- Our results established co-limitation of aquatic plant growth by light and inorganic carbon and demonstrate marked growth enhancement by inorganic carbon at low as well as at hight  light................but the pronounced
growth enhancement by elevated inorganic carbon at low light and the increase in light-use effiency for
growth are new observations that illustrate the insuffiency of Liebig+ALQ-s minimum theory (Liebig 1870)
which is so widely used in aquatic plant ecology.....................The positive effect suggested can result from the 
suppression of the oxygenase activity of Rubisco by increased internal inorganic carbon concentrations.................The savings in terms of NADPH and ATP, 
which are otherwise used in  photorespiratory carbon oxidation, can then be allocated to 
photosyntetic  carbon assimilation, resulting in improved  light-use effiency+ACI-
The plants were Eleodea canadensis L.C. Rich and Callictrice cophocarpa Sendtner

This certainly answered my original question (724)
Hope it  interested a few of you
Ole Larsen