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Re: Frozen foods

Reply to Mortimer Snerd

When you defrost something like bloodworms there is a lot of red coloured
liquid which I assume has come out of the worms during the freezing process.
Maybe they partially burst or leak since water expands when it freezes.
Anyway, a lfs employee who has been around for about a million years advised
me to thaw them out and rinse them off so that this nutrient rich water does
not pollute the tank.  FWIW I am trying this technique with bloodworms and
brine shrimp as well because one of my aquariums looks like a swamp and I
guess every little bit helps.

As an aside:  does the red colour of bloodworms contain a molecule similar
to hemaglobin which contains iron?  And if so, can this, once it is excreted
by large fish in large amounts affect the iron concentration of the aquarium
water or the iron concentration of the mulm at the bottom?  Might it,
because if it exists and therefore is in an organic form provide any
fertilizer to the plants?  Just something that has been puzzling me

Dr. Momfish