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Bleaching for algae

Steve Pushak wrote:

>Of course this is just MY opinion. Other aquarists may be quite happy
>having half a dozen different types of filamentous algae all growing in
>their aquariums.

It _is_ your opinion, and it's too bad you don't recognise that any number
of other aquatic gardeners _are_ able to maintain tanks with no visible
filamentous algae, with no manual removal of algae except for the
occasional wiping of spot algae off the glass in tanks that have been
running for _many_ years without ever once resorting to dipping anything in
bleach.  This is not opinion, it is fact.

You are convinced that laterite/cable substrates don't supply for the needs
of the plants, but at the same time you don't seem to recognize the
possibility that maybe if you _didn't_ have stuff leaching out of the
substrate all the time, you might be able to maintain a beautiful aquarium
with healthy plants, WITHOUT filamentous algae without resorting to
bleaching everything.  I'm not saying your method doesn't work, but it's
certainly not the only option, or (and this is _my_ opinion) the easiest one.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association