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Steve Pushak wrote:

>What happens it that through marketing propaganda, a myth starts to
>evolve. Pretty soon folks start trying to copy or duplicate the
>technology and the myth grows. Everybody just ASSUMES that those smart
>folks at Dupla would never sell us a load of bunk (just to make
>money)... Would they??

Excuse me, but whether you are a proponent of the Dupla system, or believe
that their conclusions on the efficacy of heating cables are correct or
not.  I think it's _completely_ unfair to suggest that they would try to
"sell us a load of bunk (just to make money)".  I know these people, and
know their dedication to this hobby.  Whether you agree with them or not,
only someone who doesn't know them at all could question their integrity.
You know, Steve, a lot of people don't give a lot of weight in your
theories and methods either, but we try to listen to you patiently (most of
us ;-) assuming that you too are trying to do your bit to contribute to
this hobby of ours, and we just might learn something along the way.  

You are welcome to disagree with the Dupla method.  I don't use cables
either, and don't feel the need.  I'm not at all sure that cables work the
way they think they do either.  But it wouldn't be the first time that
someone with completely honorable intentions came to a mistaken conclusion.

If you can't give them credit where credit is due, as a company that has
done a tremendous amount to popularize the hobby of aquatic gardening, at
least please refrain from making unfair and unfounded accusations.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association