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RE Snails, algae... yay Ed!


I'm sorry if you was offended in any manner by the conversation.
However when I responded the way that I did I was under the assumption
that there would be less hazardous alternative methods.  Just so
everyone knows we may be dealing with Cladophora :)  and from what I
have been reading hair algae *CAN* and *IS* cultured by a wide variety
of animal (the types i'm not sure about yet, still looking for that

As for preventing algae the old saying an ounce of prevention is worth a
pound of cure.  However there is no 100% sure method of keeping algae
out of a tank, well unless you sterilize everything, put in plastic
fish, plastic grave, plastic plants and seal it in a sterile enviroment
:)  As for a real world enviroment I feel that it's alot easier to
understand WHY there's an outbreak and treat the cause NOT the symptom.


>>Olga wrote:
>>> Right on Ed! All this Bullroar about bleaching everything is
>>Why are you crapping on somebody else's method for controlling algae?
>>Certainly folks can make up their own minds regarding what they are
>>willing to do. Preventing filament algae infestation is really a
>>matter but it does require a certain amount of discipline.