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Web Surfing

Reference:  Web Surfing

Mostly I read and learn form what is on APD, but this time I felt that I
had to respond.

Reference:  Web Surfing.    Try <http://dogpile.com> that is a multi
search engine.  A search on dogpile goes out to a variety of different
places like Yahoo!, Thunderstone, Lycos' A2Z, GoTo.com, Mining Co.,
Excite Guide, PlanetSearch, What USeek, Magellan, Lycos, WebCrawler,
InfoSeek, Excite & AltaVista to name a few.  You can control your search
too.  Just click on dogpiles left side on 'Custom Search' to select what
engines you wish to use.  I have had good results on my searches and
usually have found that one or more of the responses leads me to the
results for which I am looking.

While not a search engine <http://seekhelp.com> is a site that will show
how to make a search which in turn will make your search more

Good luck

<usisfx at valunet_com>