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Sv: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #750

+AD4-Date: Sun, 3 Jan 1999 09:51:47 -0800 
+AD4-From: +ACI-Dixon, Steven T. (Exchange)+ACI- +ADw-stdixon+AEA-ben.bechtel.com+AD4-
+AD4-Subject: Cyano Preliminary Results/long

+AD4-First and foremost, green water and cyanobacteria are completely
+AD4-different animals. +ADw-G+AD4-  What we refer to as green water is not bacteria
+AD4-at all, but unicellular algae.  Karen pointed this out last week,
+AD4-apparently to no avail.  Speculating about an increase in bacteria over
+AD4-the summer isn't even germane to the discussion.  If in fact we are
+AD4-discussing cyano, we can throw the whole survey out because most of us
+AD4-thought we were reporting on green water.

And that is why I didn+ALQ-t respond.

 +AD4- For one thing, cyano can occur
+AD4-in well-run, low nutrient tanks with crystal clear water, particularly
+AD4-between the gravel and the glass, as has been frequently reported on the

It is even said to be able to utilize N (gas) in water as nutrient

+AD4-We know that a complete darkening of the tank
+AD4-for 4 or 5 days 

Works perfectly for BG too

+AD4- We
+AD4-have also had some very interesting speculation about the possible role
+AD4-of nitrogen limitation in connection with green water.  To say we know
+AD4-nothing about curing green water is far from accurate.

Guido H+APw-ckstedt writes in +ACI-aquarienchemie+ACI- that green algea is a sign of the higest oxidizing stage ( electrochemically, not how much oxigen is dissolved in the water)

+AD4-Regarding water conditions, Adam writes, +ACI-All can apply, from hard to
+AD4-soft, basic to alkaline and pure to polluted.+ACI-  One thing I can say with
+AD4-certainty is that 18 megohm lab grade water from my RO/DI unit will not
+AD4-support green water growth.  It takes nutrients to grow plants,
+AD4-including algae+ACE-  

Has anybody here ever seen green water in a tank with a pH of 6-6,5. I have n-e-v-e-r-, but I would like to know
if somebody else have 

+AD4-Regards, Steve Dixon in San Francisco

Ole Larsen