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MDF board/home made stands.

As far as I know, MDF, or medium density fiberboard, is a much better grade
of particle board. Made under a much higher pressure it will give a stable
wood that, when properly sealed will not warp. Even in wet conditions. Proof
of this is that many road signs are made of it all across the country.

Now, on to stand design. before I went into the fish business I was a
carpenter for many years.
To build a stand for larger tanks, it's very simple. First build a load
bearing frame out of kiln dried 2 x 4's. Bolt the joints with a minimum of
3/8" better would be 1/2" bolts and nuts.
Cover this with any of the plywood or sheet materials already discussed in
other posts. Now, you can use thinner, cheaper sheets. Maybe get a better
grade of plywood. it won't warp because it is attached to the rigid 2 x 4
skeleton in many places. Finish edges like many people have all suggested.
Point here is. Please don't put a 100 gallon plus size tank on any material
only 3/4" wide, be it plywood, particle board, whatever. Build a strong
frame and go from there. be safe. Water is over 8lbs per gallon. The tank,
rocks and a couple of hundred pounds of gravel, all adds up to the weight of
a Volkswagen bug (old one not new one) You could get killed by a weak stand.
Be careful out there.....
Tony Minneboo
Owner, Angels West
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