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Re: pH of RO water

George Slusarczuk wrote:
You are absolutely right! Even among chemists it
is a very little known fact, that the pH of distilled (and RO) water can
not be measured. Let me correct that: It CAN be
measured, but the value is meaningless! (That  does NOT mean that
distilled water has "no pH" -- just that we can not mesure it using
methods available to a hobbyist -- and that includes
"research grade" electronic pH meters!)
Hi George,

I think this argument is wrong. The pH of "pure water", Distilled
water not allowed to come into contact with anything that might
leach into the water, is 7. This is because the disassociation constant
of water at room temperature is 10^-14. This can be measured. The
dissociation constant of water can be measured. I'm curious as to
what the technical problems are that you mention.

Joe Sachleben
jsachleb at chemistry_ohio-state.edu