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Re: bleaching snails

Olga writes:
> >> I am getting ready to redo my tank using the bleach treatment to rid
> >> myself of hair algae.
> >
> >This is the only effective measure to prevent reoccurence of hair algae.
> Oh Steve... what absolute poppycock!! "Only"? Nonsense. It's *one* very
> overkill way. There are lots of folks on this list who use less drastic
> methods. Drop the "only" and say "*ONE* effective measure"... well,
> effective until you make a slip and let a <gasp> spore in! <g>

Hair algae does not spread by spores. Hair algae and filament algae gets
into an aquarium because YOU the aquarist put something into the
aquarium which has filament algae growing on it.

I reiterate my stance that it is the ONLY effective method because no
matter what algae eating critters you put into an aquarium, you'll never
get them to effectively control all types of filament algae and the most
effective algae eating fish are also the most difficult to prevent from
eating fine leaved plants.

Also, the only "preventative" method is to not introduce algae. Using
other methods such as strict nutrient control and algae eating critters
is not preventative at all since the algae are still present in the
aquarium, just in small amounts.

Of course this is just MY opinion. Other aquarists may be quite happy
having half a dozen different types of filamentous algae all growing in
their aquariums.

I only wish that more of us would take a few simple precautions to
prevent contamination with the easiest types to prevent using a quick
bleach dip, the fine furry algae (Oedogonium) and the slimy fine stringy
gunk (Spirogyra).

Another problem with relying upon algae eaters like SAEs and American
Flag fish is that these are relatively aggressive fish and can out
compete less aggressive especially smaller fish for food.

Does the bleach treatment deserve the term "drastic"? That's relative.
Its certainly a LOT of bother but in comparison to having an aquarium
with continual problems with green filament algae, I'll take the bleach
treatment. Thank you.

Steve Pushak                              Vancouver, BC, CANADA 

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