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Re: Electricity as water

From: "Roger S. Miller" <rgrmill at rt66_com>
The analogy between water and electricity is OK conceptually, but it
apart quantitatively.  Water flow is linear (like electrical current)
at very low flow rates.  Under most conditions water flow is nonlinear.

The water quantity most comparable to electrical power is:

P = gamma*Q*H


Hey Roger - your right but Electricity flow isn't exactly linear
either.  Besides the resistive nature of the wire we must also consider
wire inductance and the capacitive relationships of the windings and
things like skin effect and so on (yes even at 60 Hz).  I would say that
makes the analogy even better since they both have non linearities. But
for the most part in this simple example these issues are negligible.
What I like most about analogies is that it helps someone see what can't
be seen and so I think it is a good tool as long as we remember the
assumptions you helped point out.