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RE: Algae

I agree with you that red ramshorn and light feeding are very effective
in controlling most forms of algae.  Just not the fuzzy stuff I have. 
They  do crawl in it but I think they are eating off of it rather than
eating it.  At any rate they do not control it.  And I barely feed my
fish anything.  But all other forms of algae are non-existant.

Richard said:
I've been fighting algae all my life and in the past
2 years two things have all but made algae a non-problem
for me: 1) feed only live food, and don't overfeed. I swear
that 99% of algae problems (other than new tank syndrome)
are because of overfeeding and 2) I stopped killing all the
snails. I use red (very red) ramshorns. Cute little devils.