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Re: Homebuilt stands

>You can fabricate a good stand out of 5/8 particle board or finished
>plywood.  Draw up
>the dimensions, go to your local building supply house and have them cut
>the individual
>pieces.  Then all you have to do is assemble them.  I've done this twice
>and it works
>great.  You can also use one or more ready-made kitchen cabinets as
>pedestals, attaching
>them to a top and base and finished off with some nice-looking moulding if
>you desire
>that "furniture-quality" look.

There are several good ideas here, with the exception of the suggestion to
use particle board, a material that soaks up water like a sponge. Particle
board is pressed into sheets at high pressure, the result being that it
swells considerably and loses all structural integrity on contact with
water, even relatively small amounts. My recommendation is to use plywood
and Titebond II brand (waterproof) glue  for aquarium stands.