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Green Water Again


I'd be happy to forward the folder to you regarding the green water.  One thing I've got to say is that from my very unscientific survey there is absolutely no reliable cure for Green Water.  Some people do fight it for months on end using magnum filters only to have it return in a couple of days and numerous people have used the dark tank method to no good end.  Many did massive water changes to nil results.  I think its very safe to say that there is a great degree of variables here.  

I wanted to tabulate the data into an excel table, but the way the questions got answered  a lot of the data was scattered all over the page and there was no easy way to cut and paste it into a Microsoft excel table.  I am currently migrating from Win95 to NT and have my hands full.

I agree that the data and my presentation was rough, take a look at the disclaimer on that post and it also said preliminary. I intend to put up a fill in the blank web page to get the data in a more controllable manner.  I got mixed up at a page called the cyanosite put up by Perdue University because they said Cyano used to be called blue green algae.

1 I want to do a better job and will.
2 I do not have a PHD, just what I consider a very lush low maintenance tank and a lot of time lurking on this list.  
3 If anyone wants the data, I'll send it to them, without the address headers.
4 I just felt people would want to see the information and as I'm overwhelmed in this NT thing, I just posted that, perhaps I shouldn't have.


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