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my sword turned red

One of my swords turned red.  I can't remember what species it is but it
looks healthy just red.  The rest of the plants in the tank are also
healthy looking including three melon swords.  The tank is a 30  gallon
long with no filtration, a DIY CO2 injection system and 2 75watt
incandesent plant lights and 2 40 watt actinic florescent lights hanging
over it and another tank.  the tank has a kitty litter and sand
substrate covered by texblast.  My scarlet and sunset hygro are still
bright red to there is plenty of iron  it fertalize in the substrate.
There is no mesurable NO2- NO3- and NH3 that i can measure on my tank
kits.  I did measure for a while at my lab they range between 20-100 ppb. 
I have had the tank up for almost 2 years.  it has a SAE, an oto, a baby
arawana, 3 ghost shrimp and all the guppies that survive bieng eaten.

I am wondering what would cause all the new leaves on the particular sword
to be red?


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