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Re: Nitrogen, and PH Problems

I have some severe nitrogen deficincies in my tank.  I have used tetra 
Hilena Crypto, but since it contains phosphate the algae in my tank goes 
crazy. I have read that KNO3 seems to be the most efficent method to 
provide nitrogen.  So my question is where can I find it?  Is it sold 
under any other names?  

Another unrelated question that I have is pertaining to ph stuff.  I 
recently got some discus and I had to lower the tank PH from 8 down to 
6.5 - 7.  I used Aquarium pharmacudicals proper ph. I had heard that this 
contains phosphate, can anyone confirm this?  My tank (72 gallons) has 
become extremely cloudy after using it.  I tried diatoming it,thinking 
that it  my green algae bloomhad been resurrected, but it was still 
cloudy.  Normally the diatom filter did the trick.  What's at work here?  
Why Is my mater cloudy?  

Finally, what are some other alternatives to get my water ph down from 
9-10 range?  I never had much luck with peat. Fooling around with 9M HCl 
hardly seems safe any where near or relating to a fishtank.Is there any 
way to reset the kh and gh?(If I boiled some of my tap I could probably 
drive nails wth the remaining mineral deposits)  Would black water 
extract work?  Are there any different ph target buffers that wouldn't 
produce the same cloudy effect? 

Thanks in advance,
Adam Weingarten