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>>This is the only effective measure to prevent reoccurence of hair algae.
>Oh Steve... what absolute poppycock!! "Only"? Nonsense. It's *one* very
>overkill way. There are lots of folks on this list who use less drastic
>methods. Drop the "only" and say "*ONE* effective measure"... well,
>effective until you make a slip and let a <gasp> spore in! <g>

I have to agree. I've had so much hair algae in tanks
you couldnt see an inch in them. Snice I keep killies
they'r emy first line of defence: Florida flag fish
(Jordanella floridae) and Procatopus both eat the stuff,
they also eat the blue green rubbish.

I've been fighting algae all my life and in the past
2 years two things have all but made algae a non-problem
for me: 1) feed only live food, and don't overfeed. I swear
that 99% of algae problems (other than new tank syndrome)
are because of overfeeding and 2) I stopped killing all the
snails. I use red (very red) ramshorns. Cute little devils.

I'd say optimal feeding (that is, not to much, not too little)
is more important than water changes; that is I can chanage water
religiously, but if I use frozen food, I still have a problem.

My daughter has a tank with a bunch of neons in her room (she's
7) and I really neglect it. Not a speck of algae; I throw a bit
of live food in there when I rememeber. The crypts and E. tenellus
are doing just fine, and it's right next to a south facing window
and gets lots of light. Lots and lots.

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