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Car Batteries

Tony wrote:  "My 2 cents, IMHO, we take no responsibility for anybody
trying any experiments using this information. If you kill yourself,
don't come to me."
I promise Tony, if I kill myself, I won't come to you!  My wife, son and
estate might be another matter though! <G>
Regards, Steve Dixon

BTW, Jeff Kropp, who lurks on the archive but is no longer a subscriber
to the list, sent me a note the other day wondering whether tank
"stalling" might be due in some cases to "cold feet."  Jeff's tanks are
in an unheated basement and he suspects that slow growth may be seasonal
with the onset of winter.  He keeps his heaters in the usual temperature
ranges but has noticed that the gravel and plant roots are much colder
in the winter.  Does this ring a bell with any of you?