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Re: Web surfing

Karen Randall asked about search phrases.  She offers the following:
aquatic plants
aquarium plants
aquatic gardening 
water plants
Any and all of those will do good.  From my personal experience, I was
searching for just the same stuff back in early December. While those phrases
all returned basically the same lists, I discovered something even more
important about surfing.  You will get different results using different
browser sites.  The list I was returned using my standard America Online
search engine was woefully inadequate compared to the lists I got from both
Snap.com (http://www.snap.com/) and Altavista (http://www.altavista.com/).
And each of those lists had a few sites the other didn't.  On all those lists,
I found that there was plenty of tares in with the wheat.  I'd be curious what
other search engines are available, so I can find even more sites.

Bob Dixon