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Green water

At 03:48 AM 1/2/99 -0500, you wrote:
>As you may or may not be aware I've been doing some research on 'green
>water' or Cyanobacteria.  I got about 25 responses and data on perhaps 30-35
>tanks.  Thanks to all who've responded thus far, if you haven't yet it's
>still not to late.

I'm consufused, I thought (and was pretty sure) cyanobacteria
was blue green algae, the foul smelling blue green slimey
sheets. Green water is unicellular algae in suspension.

I'm coming from this the other way, I WANT green water, 
lots of it. There's no finer first food for baby fish,
even carnivores, and I feed all I can grow to my
daphnia cultures - I had lousy luck with daphina until
I started feeding them green water.

>Here the data in the most unscientific format  could think of, if you can
>think of a less scientific way to present this let me know.
>1. When did the bloom occur?  Almost all of the replies that indicated a
>month or time of year indicated mid to late summer.  This would indicate to
>me that an elevated ambient or water temp can be a factor in establishment
>of the bloom.  I think there may also be a greater presence of "our"
>bacteria around then.

I notice an increase in all types of algae at that time of the year.

>2. What didn't/did cure it.  There was an incredible amount of overlap
>between these answers. 

Daphnia cure it, real quick like. Throw in a bunch of daphnia and
presuming they don't get eaten or filtered out, it'll be crystal
clear in a few days.

>4. How long did it last?  An average of about 2 months I'd say.  Some as
>long as 5 and running and some a week, but in general two months.

Sheesh. Couple of days, for me and my "bugs",

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