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nursery tank for baby plants

I'm planning to set up a 10 gallon tank to grow swords, java ferns, Apon's,
etc. until they get big enough to transplant into my goldfish tank.  The gf's
eat the little plants if I put them in too small.  Does the following sound

1)  Cat litter + ironite for the bottom layer of substrate, covered with about
3/4 inch of coarse unwashed sand.

2)  A couple of old "Tetra bells" connected to a small (beer bottle) yeast
bottle for CO2.

3)  Open top, and sit the whole thing up in a amongst my peppers and geraniums
and amaryllis in room that has a 400W MH ceiling fixture (and a low ceiling).
The other plants seem to think they are in filtered sunlight for 14 hours each

4)  no filtration nor circulation.

5)  fill initially with dirty water from a weekly water change of my gf tank.
Occasionally fertilize *extremely* lightly with Miracle Gro or Hyponex plant
food.  Keep the tank topped off with RO water so the salts don't build up.

6)  When the "green water" takes over, stock with daphnia and maybe duckweed.
(both will be used as live fish food)

7)  when the daphnia population explodes, I should be able to get rid of the
CO2 thing.

Does this sound workable, or a disaster waiting to happen?  Any other
suggestions?  Will the daphnia keep the water stirred up enough, or do I
really need a small pump to circulate it?  Thanks.

best regards,