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Perfecto SHO lights

The LFS I work for just got some in. Here are my impressions:

1. The SHO lights are significantly brighter than similar wattage power
compacts (like halides, I find it impossible to look directly at them).
2. 5 year warranty on fixture
3. fixture comes designed to appear similar to standard striplight
4. 3 year lamp life (they claim)
5. sturdy lock holds lamps in place in fixture.

1. Must buy bulbs separately
2. (this more affects reefers, not plant folks) light fixture puts lights
end to end, putting different bulbs in the sockets would cause different
halves of the tank to appear different.
3. only one plug, cannot set one to come on early, etc.

My general impressions are favorable but not overwhelmingly so. I gather
the bulbs will all be 55w and will include 5400k, 6700k and 7100k actinic.

I will be interested to see members response to the claim that the lamps
lose no intensity or spectral integrity for 3 years.  I am very skeptical
of that claim.


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>Does anybody have any opinions or experience with the new ShoLights =
>recently manufactured by Perfecto?  They supposedly have 55 watts per =
>tube, (sort of a U-shaped tube made by Osram - sort of power =
>compact-like), full spectrum with a colour temperature of 5400K.  The =
>way they are constructed would seem to be able to provide more light =
>with less bulky hardware.
>Thanks, Dr. Momfish.