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Hello All: 
> Not me.  I have almost no experience with Marsilea sp. (aside from a small
> patch that was given to me by Steve Pushak and is growing in a dish on a
> windowsill)  I'm pretty sure it's not a S.A. plant though.  I thought most
> species were from Australia, NG and NZ.  
> Aside from that, I'd take anything in Rataj with a grain of salt unless it
> were corroborated elsewhere.

I believe the S.A being refered to is South Australia. Can get 
confusing at times. As it happens though, Marsilea occurs in South 
Africa. My ex found it growing in a natural pond near Port Alfred on 
the South African coast. The local Herbarium does not have a 
specimen, although specimens from this pond do reside with the 
National Botanical Institute in Pretoria. gotta go and get soem for 
the coldwater tank sometime.



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