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About tank stands

Sorry, can't agree with the person who posted about it not being possible
to build a tank stand that looks good. My sig. other built a perfectly nice
tank stand that's in our kitchen under the gold fish. It even matches the
rest of the kitchen. Of course our kitchen is a 50s kitchen as far as
cabinets go so it's a painted stand. Russell used 2x4 frame and plywood...
nothing hard about it if you have a square and a level. (He's not a
construction expert.) If you'd like a "how-to" e-mail me privately.

But even better and easier, go to a second hand store. Find an old piece of
sturdy furniture you like and that will fit in with the rest of the room
it's going in. It's probably best to find something that stands up on legs.
Then you can remove the legs. This will lower it to a perfect height. Also
look for something divided with upright supports in the interior. I bought
a used teak buffet for $130 that fits my tank perfectly and took the legs
off. It has four drawers and 2 cuboards with shelves. My CO2 tank, filter,
powerbar, timer, etc all fit into one cuboard (with shelf removed) the
other drawers, cuboard provide loads more room for "fish/plant stuff" than
one of those stands made for tanks that are generally just an empty box and
cost a fortune. It supports a 50 gallon tank and has never shown any sign
of sagging... all drawers, sliding doors work perfectly. An old oak buffet
would work really well too. 

in Vancouver