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Re: [APD #744] Perfecto SHO lamps

alexp at idirect_com sez:
> Does anybody have any opinions or experience with the new ShoLights =
>  recently manufactured by Perfecto?  They supposedly have 55 watts per =
>  tube, (sort of a U-shaped tube made by Osram - sort of power =
>  compact-like), full spectrum with a colour temperature of 5400K.  The =
>  way they are constructed would seem to be able to provide more light =
>  with less bulky hardware.
Please turn off HTML and MIME formatting.  It causes my e-mail reader to go
berzerk and everything shows up in black on dark red (hard to read).  

Anyway, I made a DIY light with a 40W tube that sounds like what you are
describing.  It is puts out a lot more light than its watts would lead you to
believe; I'm just now getting the tank stablized after about 3 months (BBA,
"green water", and the "real" plants were fighting to see who would dominate
("green water" crowded out the BBA that was killing the plants, then the
plants crowded out the green water (with a little repeated help from a Vortex
filter))).  50W lamps just like the 40W but with different ballast
requirements are also available.  It sounds to me like the 55W SHO lamps are
the European version (EU) of the Philips "PL-L" or Osram "Dulux L" compact
fluorescents.  If you could find the right ballast, you could DIY a hood to
use the Perfecto lamps.

Has anyone ever seen a Perfecto SHO lamp?  Is it about 21.7 inches long with a
four pin connector with the pins arranged in a straight line ("2G11" lamp

best regards,
bob (who uses *way* too many parentheses :-)